The Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations

The Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations is a scientific non-profit organization. It is founded in 1983 and directed by the well-known psychologist Charis Katakis whose scientific and authors’ work is internationally recognized.

The scientific approach we follow in the Laboratory is called systemic; it is an all-embracing theory on life and science, which has developed theoretical conceptualizations and methodologies on observing, understanding and solving the complex and constantly changing situations modern man is facing and the systems in which he is integrated.

In the field of mental health, the systemic approach has decisively contributed in revising the established views on how a mental disorder is caused, on how it is maintained and how it is solved. In addition, it evaluates synthetically the already accumulated knowledge and leads to views and applications that increase the efficiency of interventions.

The Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations undertakes and carries out various and multi-level activities (consultation, psychotherapy, training, books, publications, research, organization of seminars and congresses, execution of programs for private and public agents, conducting scientific studies, conception and execution of model programs, cooperation with electronic and printed mass media, etc).

With the collaboration of select and specialized scientific personnel (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, specialized training teachers and other specialists), it has acquired valuable knowledge and experience on training, consultation and therapy issues.