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Loretta Learns to Think, by Axel Duwe

Adapted and translated to Greek by Evi Psalti, published by Ellinika Grammata, 2nd edition

This highly original tale by Axel Duwe opens up a new direction in children’s literature. The Adventures of Loretta Mouse is a modern-day tale written for the children who will live in the unknown world of tomorrow, a world that requires different skills and standards, and another kind of preparation.

Loretta in the Forest, by Axel Duwe

Adapted and Translated to Greek by Evi Psalti, Ellinika Grammata

Loretta is Axel Duwe’s modern-day heroine who has a message of hope to deliver: In an age of few remaining solid points of reference, what we cannot find in the past nor envision for the future we can draw from within us, making the most of our means and potential.

Loretta in the Air, by Axel Duwe

Adapted and Translated by Evi Psalti

Loretta teaches us that we can learn a new way of thinking. She has come to accept that nobody will hand her the magic lantern that will light her way; the fairy godmother will not come to her rescue, and she will not be transformed into a princess that lives happily ever after in her own, big castle.

Christmas on the Little Blue Planet,

Lyrics by Evi Psalti and music by Stathis Ulkeroglu. Published by Ellinika Grammata

Luscious cake with walnuts and honey

hiding a coin wrapped in foil

Baked with love by mummy’s hand

Every new year’s sweetest start

Who Saw the Real Forest? by Axel Duwe, Illustrated by Marlys Barton

Translated & adapted to Greek by Evi Psalti

Real, real

I seek, it is real

I want friends, they appear

enemies, they loom near,

If I want mischief, mischief I find,

and void when bored out of my mind.

A children’s tale about truth and fear…

The Crystal Eagle, by Athina Biniou, Illustrations by Evi Tsaknia, Athens: Ellinika Grammata

A pair of eagles seeks out the secret that will make all birds happy. The winged companions travel to the end of the world, where the Crystal Eagle lives. They walk unwalked streets, meet cultures and adventures, and discover an eternal truth. A journey that takes them across the world, carving paths of friendship and love.

The little fish who only replied No!,  by Evi Psalti, Athens: Ellinika Grammata, 2nd edition.

Not all was well in this family

Something was wrong, terribly off

The little fish, youngest of three

Brought worry to his parents and agony…

The Little Sparrow Who Asked Many Questions, by Evi Psalti, Ellinika Grammata, 2nd edition

Once upon a time

was a sparrow who wondered:

What reason, what cause

brought me to this world?

The Half-Rat, by Evi Psalti, 2nd edition, Ellinika Grammata, 2nd edition

But this half-rat would fill them with awe:

“What wisdom! What talent!”

they murmured and whispered

Wishing their kids

to become copies of his!

The squirrels that fell apart, by Evi Psalti, Ellinika Grammata

Once upon a time

lived two little squirrels

always together never apart

morning till night

joined at the heart.

The little ball of light, by Evi Psalti, Ellinika Grammata, 2nd. edition

Once upon a time

Was a little ball of light

A pearly dewdrop

in the slit of a rock

that glimmered on a mountain’s foot