Individual Therapy

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Individual Therapy

Some people come to me in despair and my goal is to make them happier, to make them feel better and not have so much pain in their lives (…) Often this means helping people to grow, overcome obstacles and lead a fuller life. But if after working with me for a while some feel much better and want to stop, I never discourage them. If in the future they need to work on other issues, they will seek treatment again.

Irvin Yalom, speaking on LSHR’s 30th Anniversary.

In individual therapy people focus on issues that trouble them. They locate points of difficulty, knots and tangles, and become aware of sides of themselves they previously ignored. They learn to recognize emotions, express them and explore alternative ways of looking at and dealing with things.

Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis and last for one hour, at the day and time agreed upon by client and therapist. The relationship that develops between them is based on trust, acceptance, and confidentiality.