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Throughout its history, the Laboratory has actively pursued research in the field of mental health. In the thirty years since its founding, this rigorous research activity has produced a significant body of knowledge that has informed and shaped its educational and clinical practices.

The theoretical models that have sprung from the Laboratory’s research activity have contributed to the development of theoretical formulations and applications that support and fuel the Laboratory’s approach, maintaining it in constant contact with social and scientific developments.

Laboratory associates have conducted multiple research projects with the participation and contribution of many trainees. Research interests are broadly divided into two areas: on the exploration and recording of psychosocial processes in Greece, and on the study of issues related to psychotherapy and counselling.

Our research projects have culminated in numerous publications and presentations at local and international conferences.

Currently, the Laboratory is running research projects in the following areas:

– The changing male identity (Ch. Katakis, L. Kolettis, Ch. Ziouvas)

– The Greek family and the Greek couple (Vivian Griva)

– Therapists’ development (Ch. Ziouvas, M. Pyrounaki, Era Moulaki)