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The Trainer-Supervisor Course aims to help experienced therapists become effective Trainers and Supervisors in Systemic and Family Therapy. The course abides by the regulations and certification requirements for trainers and supervisors of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA).

Those interested in joining the Trainer Training Program should:

  1. Have completed the four-year training program in Systemic and Family Therapy and be certified family / systemic therapists.
  2. Be members of professional associations (E.F.T.A., HAC)
  3. Have acquired at least three (3) years of clinical experience as a systemic therapist for families, individuals, and groups, after completing their training as therapists (at least 500 hours).

The course is taught by associates of the Laboratory who are experienced and certified trainers and supervisors of systemic, family and group therapists.

Course Coordinator: Charis Katakis

The Program lasts four years and includes:

  1. Four years of training as an Assistant Trainer
  2. A minimum of 60 hours of supervised teaching
  3. One year of work as a Trainer. If the trainee wishes to become a certified supervisor in addition to trainer, they must complete an additional year of work (a total of two years).
  4. Presentation of a videotaped educational session accompanied by a thorough and scientific written analysis of the rationale and process.

Trainees who fulfill the above set of criteria may continue their training for another year to become certified Supervisors.

Supervisor Training Program

Supervisor training is the next and final level of the course. It constitutes a distinct and individualized training program, seeking to develop trainees’ skills in carrying out clinical supervision.

Requirements for becoming a supervisor:

  1. Two years of working as a trainer in Systemic and Family Therapy. Those who have already obtained certification as Trainers, must complete an additional year of work as trainers.
  2. Two consecutive years of attendance and participation in the supervision sessions that Charis Katakis carries out on the fourth year of the training course in Systemic and Family Therapy, while also working as a trainer (see 1st requirement)
  3. At least 1 year of working as a supervised supervisor (totalling a minimum of 20 hours, with one or more supervisees).
  4. At least 40 hours of supervision in their supervisory role with Charis Katakis or another supervisor from the Laboratory.
  5. Presentation of a supervision case, with extensive support from the relevant literature.

The above can be carried out at the same time, after completing the 4 years of training as a trainer. The Laboratory is not obliged to offer work to those attending or completing the Trainer-Supervisor Course.

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